Estate Cleanouts

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Estate cleanouts are not an easy process for anyone, and when you are going through your loved one’s things, the last thing you want to do is deal with furniture or any other bulky items that no one wants to touch. This is where the great people at Frank Loves Junk comes in. We have been providing Fairfield, CT with estate cleanout services for years, and we can make things just a little bit easier.

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| We offer the following estate cleanout services to our clients: 

  • Devoted Confidentiality for You and Your Family
  • Full Coverage for Estates of All Sizes
  • Estate Cleanouts of Condominiums, Apartments & Townhouses
  • Real Estate Cleanouts and Junk Removal for Home Sales
  • Junk Removal & Estate Organization
  • Storage Unit & Storage Facility Junk Removals and Cleanouts
  • And More!


From our experience, the easiest way to handle a large estate is to organize first, and then deal with it from there. We have been a part of numerous estate cleanouts and with our organization skills, we like to make things just a little simpler for you and your family. You will simply need to direct our team members on where to go, and we will do the hauling. No more worries about junk, we here at Frank Loves Junk have it all handled - the best estate cleanout professionals.


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Call us today, and see Frank Loves Junk is the premier estate cleanout operator in the central CT area. We have been in the business for well over three decades, and with our services the only thing you will need to worry about is locking up after we leave. Our team and Frank will be able to handle the rest. Now sit back and relax, we are sure you have been dealing with lawyers and handling the rest of the estate's issues, let us take care of the junk.