Are you moving or cleaning out an overstuffed garage or home? How do you plan on cleaning the space out, and what are you doing with the garbage? Most people who have a significant cleanup project tend to favor one of two options for managing the trash: (1) a dumpster rental or (2) hiring a junk removal service. There are at least four reasons to choose a company over a dumpster service.

1. Time

First, a removal company has a schedule to keep, which means that you can rest assured your project will be completed quickly. When you rent a dumpster, the work is left to you, which means the project is completed only as fast as you get it done. Most people are busy with work and other commitments, making it challenging to handle a significant cleanout.

2. Curb Appeal

Next, you should consider the neighborhood and curb appeal. Junk removal services are usually in and out the same day, but even when a project takes multiple days, they never leave their trucks on your property. When renting a dumpster, the metal bin sits in your drive until the project is complete, which may cause problems with neighborhood associations.

3. Labor

Also, consider how laborious a cleanup can be. How long has it been since you dealt with a major cleanup? Removal companies are happy to do the job for you. They will send a team of capable workers to focus on your cleanout, and you can sit back and watch.

4. Organization

Next, a removal service is more than a team of garbage collectors. The team and assessors that walk through your project will help you organize the chaos and determine if there are any items of value. These services might even have connections with appraisers and other professionals to help you separate valuable items from the trash.

You can indeed clean out your property on your own and rent a dumpster, but why would you want to. A junk removal service is capable, and they can relieve any stress or anxiety you might feel over the situation.