Compulsive hoarding is not simply a tendency to collect or a reluctance to part with sentimental keepsakes. Hoarding is an anxiety disorder that is related to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and might be experienced in varying degrees of severity. Though there are often signs of the compulsion to hoard early in a person’s life, the disorder generally increases in severity upon maturation. Because hoarding clean outs can be a psychologically exhausting experience for a compulsive hoarder and because the sheer bulk of possessions can be overwhelming or even dangerous to clean out, many hoarding situations benefit from professional junk removal.

Sufferers of compulsive hoarding have an irrational attachment to possessions, even if those items have no sentimental or monetary value. Because of this, cleaning out a hoarded space can be both a physical and a psychological challenge. Without professional junk removal, a basket of receipts or stack of newspapers might take hours to sort, to say nothing of a spare bedroom that is horded almost to the ceiling. Life is short and the hoard is large. Hoarding clean outs supported by professional junk removal specialists allow the owner to focus their attention on a few prioritized areas instead of trying to do everything and spinning their wheels.

Even items that once had some monetary value are unlikely to have retained that value crushed in the middle of a hoard, especially if moisture, rodents or mold is present. The sad truth is that, in many situations, the majority of collected items must be thrown away. For this reason, cleanouts can entail an enormous amount of physical labor. If biological matter (pet or rodent waste, food scraps, fungi or bacteria) is present in or around the living space, picking up or moving items could potentially be hazardous.

Cleaning out a hoarded living space can be a trying, strenuous experience. Both the hoarder and anyone assisting them will be exhausted by the time the space is clear. To facilitate the easiest hoarding clean outs possible, professional junk removal allows the hoarder to prioritize their time and avoid the most strenuous or dangerous work.