Whether it is inside homes, offices, or on farms, items age, wear out, and break. Once the objects are no longer of value they are considered junk. Most town and city street garbage collection programs do not allow for large discarded items to be set out on the curb; so, what do you do with your junk? If you pile it up in the yard it can invited spiders, rodents, or other vermin. If you collect the unusable items inside your home, you can quickly lose valuable living area. That is why most areas have a junk removal company that can easily remove the items for you. So, what do they do with your junk?


Aluminum, paper items, and some plastics can often be recycled and are often taken to recycling centers. This allows the items to be reused instead of taking space in a landfill. This often includes tin cans, drink bottles, cardboard, and boxes.


Furniture and household goods that could still be of use to families are donated by junk removal companies to organizations that help those in need. The same is true of gently used clothing, coats, and shoes. This allows the items to have a second life when possible.


Sometimes there is no saving electronic items and they are sent to a metal scrap yard, but when they can be reconditioned, the items are given to an organization that can fix or dismantle and reuse the parts. What is left over is sent to a scrap metal facility.


Dirt is a valuable commodity to greenhouses, nurseries, some builders, and landscapers. That is why a removal company tries to donate clean dirt to those organizations rather than sending it to a landfill. Dirt filled with rocks or debris must be discarded.

As you can see, a junk removal company helps your city handle discarded items. Giving items a second life and help needy families and keep landfills from growing too quickly. If you have items to discard, give one of the companies a call today.