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What to Know Before Hiring a Junk Removal Company


There are many reasons to hire a junk removal company, but it should not be done without forethought. It is easy to believe that all removal companies are the same and that the only difference is the price. However, many firms differentiate themselves by the type of materials they haul or the services they offer. Therefore, it is essential to know and understand at least five things before hiring any one of them.


While it may seem unnecessary for people to need a license to throw items away, there are very particular disposal practices that must be followed and are regulated by the state. Disposal companies cannot discard material as they please. They must adhere to the laws and rules of the municipalities they serve. Therefore, they must acquire a license to demonstrate their understanding of those laws.


You can hire a junk removal company with limited experience, but that may not be wise. Depending on the size of the mess and the types of materials within that mess, it is likely more beneficial to hire a company with years of experience handling items specific to your situation.

Materials They Will Remove

Also, while it may seem unnecessary because trash is trash, every removal company will likely have materials they will and will not remove. It is crucial that you find a business that is willing to handle your situation in its entirety.

Disposal Practices

Echoing back to licensure, you should find a company that is proud of the way they handle debris. They should have it predominantly on their website that they adhere to state and local municipal regulations. Don’t hire a company without understanding how they will dispose of your materials.


Lastly, discuss the price. Collecting at least three estimates for a job is wise. While it is tempting to go with the cheapest, the general rule is to go with the middle price.

Whatever your reasons for bringing in a junk removal service, don’t let cheap labor entice you. Find a company that is licensed, experienced and clear about their practices and prices before hiring them.